This is a culmination of images from my recent journey around the United States beginning on September 15, 2012, and ending November 07, 2012. 

The three galleries below represent many of the images that spoke to me when first going through the thousands of photographs that I came home with.  As I continue to sort through these various memories, I expect these galleries will change and transform. So for now, it is still a work in progress. 

These categories represent the spaces, places, and physical world that I experienced over this time, as well as the sometimes overwhelming alone-ness, isolation, and introspection that I experienced at times during my travels. It was a comfortable silence, quiet and almost meditative, a contemplative exploration of self as I tried to look for answers to questions I had about my own introversion.  The last gallery contains portraits of people I met along my journey, stayed in their homes, and with whom I shared my life for a couple of days. A lot of these have been posted on the blog as well, if you haven't seen it:  jlvart.tumblr.com

Please enjoy.